The Monday Fashion Files!

by Lauren Zanedis · May 9, 2011

    Chanel holds a private dinner in honor of Karl Lagerfeld; BCBG Max Azaria owes a whole lot of cash; Dolce and Gabbana gets feisty with a new cosmetics line; Karen Elson designs for Nine West; Kate Lanphear styles Armani Exchange's new summer campaign; and ubiquitous blush tones are just the beginning of today's Fashion Files!

    1. Chanel Private Dinner Held in Honor of Karl Lagerfeld at Le Michelangelo/Mamo, Antibes. [purpleDIARY]

    2. BCBG Looks To Refinance Debt (Read: Trying Not To File Chapter 11) and to secure a new $230 million term loan to refinance a portion of its debt. [WWD]

    3. In two days, Dolce and Gabanna launches "Animalier" Line, which gives us dreams of golden eye-shadow, leopard prints, maybe even ENTIRE LEOPARD SKINS (Faux, but of course)?! Though the products aren't launched yet, this video has us licking our lips at the thought of the newest hunt. [Refinery29]

    4. Karen Elson For Nine West: We Can Finally Steal Her Look! Though slightly higher priced than normal Nine West fare, this Southern-Gothic-Gone-Romantic style is unique to Elson's line. [Refinery29]

    5. Boozy Brunch Begets Beads and Blunders. We love an unlimited Mimosa and/or Sangria brunch, and you should too. Here's how to dress for the afternoon occasion. [Refinery29]

    6. Nudes and Blush Tones Continue to Reign Supreme Into Summer because just one look at Chloe's Spring 2011 Collection reminds us that nude is not at all dowdy. [Fashionista]

    7. Kate Lanphear Styles Armani Exchange Summer. Sex Sells, Ya Know. Gorgeous models strewn over pools in Turks and Caicos in swimwear that is not at all practical gets our attention. [Refinery29]

    Kate Lanphear for Armani Exchange

    8. When You Can't Afford Department Store Makeup, do you go to your local drugstore? With this guide, now you can. [Fashionista]

    9. Will We Ever Stop Hearing about Kate Middleton? No. And we don't want to. More good news about her effortlessly-chic, and affordable style: her trademark patent-leather wedges are going to be reissued in June, but there's already a wait list. Bloody hell! [Fashionista]

    10. Perhaps The Weirdest Fashion To Come Out of Japan: Cat Ears that read your brainwaves and respond to your emotional state. Check out this video to see how they work! [Fashionista]