The Nail File: Nail Trends For The Summer

by Roxana Hernandez · June 6, 2011

    Why stick with boring old polish when you have so many more options! Nail art has taken a crazy and extreme turn thanks to cool nail technology, foils, salon professionals, DIY and snakes.  We take a look at some of the new inventions and trends you need to try.

    DIY: BigRuby Nail Tattoos


    Im going to admit it,  I'm not the biggest fan of nail art. It always seems cheezy and/or juvenile. But BigRubys Nail Tattoos are kind of "grown up" nail tattoos. They have six sets that come in nuetral colors: Cosmic, garden, star, mod, sea and tweet (cute birds). They work just like the tattoos you used to get in a birthday goodie bag: cut out the design you want, press it on your dry nail, wet the back until the tattoo comes off, then cover with a clear top coat. Make your mama happy and consider these before an actual tattoo.---


    Nail art has slithered to new heights this year. Maybe it was the missing cobra that broke free from the Bronx Zoo or the fact we first saw it hit the runways in 2009. Whatever the case, snake skin is IN, down to your feet. No, I'm not talking about snake skin shoes. I'm talking about Terri Silacci's Python Mani-Pedi! This isn't your typical press printed decal, its a textured, python pattern using ACTUAL snake skin. The cost is pricey: you're going to have to cough up $300 for this exotic snake skin manicure.

    Watch the video of how it all goes down!

    DIY: Lace Nails

    With lace all over the runway a transition from clothes to nail design was a necessity. Celebrity manicurist Elle for Barielle shares her how to on lace nails.

    Start with a clean nail and brush on Gel Resin

    Pick a thin Parisian pierce of lace and attach

    Spray with Glue Dry

    Cut and shape using an embroidery scissor


    and to Remove: soak in acetone

    The Moon Manicure

    The moon manicure takes the typical French manicure and turns it inside out. The original champions of the moon manicure are Brian Wold and Claude Morais, designers of Ruffian who had their models walk down the runway with the "moon mani."-

    At Vena Cava, Nonie Creme of Butter London took a graphic spin on the  Moon Manicure and created a Full Moon Manicure.

    -"The half-moon was a status symbol in the '20's, since spending so much time on your nails meant you were of a higher class. We've made it more current by elongating the half-moon and making the colors more graphic in contrast." - Nonie Cream-

    DIY: Sally Hansen Salon Effects


    Sally Hansen has created an affordable version of the Minx manicure, Sally Hansen Salon Effect Nail Strips. Whats the difference? Its real nail polish that you press onto your nail. There are 24 strips to fit everyone's taste: solid colors, patterns, glitter, and prints. The best part is they last until YOU remove them- no fading, chipping or receeding edges and ZERO drying time!

    Chrome Minx

    For the nail art loving fashionista, Minx is the way to go. With over 100 patterns to choose from Minx is perfect for every occassion. The flexible polymer is heated then applied to nails, like stickers.  Tthey are mess free, and a green alternative to nail polish and fake tips. Have them custom made and turn your favorite photo into a nail coating! Look at Obama!