When Tumblr And Fashion Collide: The Best Fashion Tumblrs

by Christina Makoyawo · June 10, 2011

    Its no doubt that Tumblr is pretty damn addicting. Its so amazing that plenty of fashion houses, magazines, models and insiders have joined the ever-evolving bandwagon to launch their own Tumblr pages, using the site to share photos and videos from photoshoots and events. Here's a look at some of the coolest fashion Tumblrs we've seen so far.

    1. Vogue

    Updated daily with beautiful images from the legendary publication, Vogue delves into giving fans of the magazine fashion straight into their tumblr feeds. They also play with the element of nostalgia, sharing historical photos and editorial quotes from their archives. We just thought about how cool it would be if their Tumblr was updated by the editrix herself.

    2. Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA)

    Their behind-the-scenes photo galleries from Monday's CFDA gala is reason enough to love their Tumblr. An organization with 300+ members of womenswear, menswear and jewelry designers and the ability to share details of the industry, do you need any other reason not to follow?

    3. Terry's Diary

    Terry Richardson has had his Tumblr since Fall 2009 actually, so he's no newbie. Its an amazing array of Terry's tales; his travels, the models, celebs, musicians he's photographed. Really, his archive is more than amazing.

    4. Oh So Coco

    Brought to you by the gorgeous Coco Rocha...or maybe her assistant is Oh So Coco. Her Tumblr is updated almost daily with new photos from shoots, videos and pretty much every magazine cover that she's been on. Its taken over as the go-to for all information Coco. Check out her amazing gif section also!

    5. Erin Fetherston

    Fashion designer Erin Fetherston treats her Tumblr as a personal blog and one for her brand, which is pretty cool. Followers get to view insider images from the designer herself. Also, she reblogs some of her followers' style posts.

    6. Pamela Love

    Jewelry designer Pamela Love uses her Tumblr to share her designs, photos, quotes and whatever inspires her that may inspire you.You should definitely follow her Tumblr if you have a love for jewelry or need art inspiration. she was recently nominated for Jewelry Designer of the Year at Monday's CFDA Awards.

    7. Whatever Eva Wants

    Teen Vogue Beauty Director, Eva Chen is very hands on when it comes to her personal Tumblr. And that's a great thing. Her Tumblr is original and very much her. She shares photos of her daily outfits, manicures, beauty products and shoes, shoes, shoes. Not to be forgotten is her advice she dishes out for young girls (and boys) with desires to enter the publishing industry.

    8. It's Couture

    Tumblr's #1 source for all-things couture. It's Couture displays a great array of photographs regarding couture gowns and imagery.

    9. Pop Lipps

    Pop Lipps belongs to One Management's Scott Lippman and is a front seat to the happenings around the city via his blackberry. He captures moments at some of the chicest events in the city so his Tumblr is one to follow, especially if you want to live vicariously through it.

    10. Blackberry Vision

    Run by fashion photographer, Julia Chesky, she refers to her Tumblr as "A personal love letter to New York City." She updates it daily with photos taken from her mobile device of choice or digital camera. Always makes sure to shout-out which NYC neighborhood or storefront displayed in her highly-reblogged photos.

    All photos via their respective Tumblr sites.