The Thursday Fashion Files!!!

by Mara Siegler · February 24, 2011

    Milan Fashion Week kicks off with Prada and Gucci and Alberta Ferretti, oh my! Karl Lagerfeld goes rock-n-roll, Lady Gaga goes Glam, Beyonce gets controversial, and Natalie Portman gets in the tub with Dior.  Fur, sequins, blood, plastic, nudes, pinks, boots within shoes and more below!

    1. Karl Lagerfeld is still in touch with his rock ’n’ roll side. From March 1 to 10, Chanel and Paris boutique Colette are teaming up for a pop-up store in a former garage that will serve up graffiti-covered handbags, scooter helmets and CDs alongside the spring collections of Chanel, Éres and a selection of young designers. [WWD]

    2. Yes another brand endorsement from Lady Gaga. Here's her commercial for MAC's Viva Glam.

    3. Whites and grays hit the runway at Max Mara. []

    4. Beyonce is catching major flack for being painted darker in the March issue of french fashion mag L'Officiel Paris. Thoughts? [UsMag]

    5. Tweens are the hot new fashion designers. Times explores the possibilities of why, what this means, the dangers, and the upsides: [NYT]

    “Kiddie couturiers” are perhaps the ultimate, inevitable result of a fashion culture that is obsessed with youth (Prada, Valentino and Rodarte are now dressing young stars like Hailee Steinfeld and Elle Fanning in runway fashions) and a youth culture that is obsessed with fashion (see: Polyvore, Second Life, “Project Runway”). But the fact that fashion has become a field that is so easy for a tween to crack says a lot about how much the perception of a designer has changed. The allure of fashion is no longer the craft, but the flash.

    6. Emmanuelle Alt on the streets of Milan for Fashion Week. [VogueUK]

    7. Kelly Osbourne's Material Girl ads are out and they are super cute! [PopEater]

    8. Behind the scenes shots from London Fashion Week. [TheCut]

    9. The first part of the Alberta Ferretti show was a roundup of (relatively) practical daywear, the second featured ethereal, floaty, classic Ferretti dresses. []

    10. Wikileaks is now selling T-shirts, duffle bags, umbrellas and buttons with the WikiLeaks logo, pictures of Assange and the organization’s tagline, “Courage is contagious.” [Mashable]

    11. Tom Ford on why he only showed his collection to a select group of editors: [TheCut]

    "I don't want to be reviewed," he says. "I'm not an artist with an opening; this is not a film. I'm just trying to make pretty clothes. And beautiful clothes make beautiful women, but sometimes they don't make fashion news. I don't want to be pushed to think about what we have that's new when we don't need anything new except another version of what we did last year that still looks good to me."

    12. It's a boot in a shoe at Sergio Rossi [TwitPic]

    13. Weird and insidery fashion industry trends. Apparently, fashion editors are trading in their Glee showings for My So-Called Life viewing parties. Someone please invite me.  [Fashionista]

    14. Neutrals are hot for Spring. Some options. [Racked]

    15. Involuntary branding: A chain store in Auckland, New Zealand, commissioned DDB Auckland to create indented plates and place them on park and bus stop benches. You know what happens when you sit on one.  [CopyRanter]

    16. Gucci's show was full of colorful furs. [TheCut]

    17. Condé Nast is launching an International School of Fashion and Design in London. They will provide graduate, post graduate and further education courses. [VogueUK]

    18. Video of the Fendi runway show. [NYT]

    19. Christopher Kane is doing a new capsule denim collection for J Brand set to launch next year as part of his resort spring 2012 line. [MyfashionLife]

    20. Rachel Zoe belly shot! [OfViceandMen]

    21. Models lapped in fur, smart in python or sparkling with sequins over fake fur coated in plastic at Prada. [NYT]

    22. Keds is expanding into men's and women's sportswear for spring 2012. [WWD]

    Valentino was reportedly jealous when he saw Tom Ford dining with Colin Firth. [PageSix]

    23. Harmony Korine, a controversial writer, director and producer who worked on Kids and Gummo, has been tapped to shoot Urban Outfitters Spring 2011 Preview catalog. [TeenVogue]

    24. Carine Roitfeld’s daughter and French "It Girl" Julia Roitfeld is launching her own fragrance. [Elle]

    25. Model Gemma Ward will walk onto The Perth Theatre Company’s stage as the lead role in The Ugly One - celebrating not only her continuation in the acting world, but also her premiere moment on the stage. [Modelina]

    26. Inside the Manhattan studio of Oscar de la Renta. [FromMeToYou]

    27. Anna Wintour hails McQueen at ritzy London lunch of Met Show [Bloomberg]

    28. For Kate Moss' bachelorette party, she will be flown on Sir Philip Green’s private jet to Paris for a Cabaret-style night with 50 pals at the Ritz. Guests will wear bowler hats, fishnet stockings and bustiers. [Mirror]

    29. Galliano will be making Kate's wedding dress. [Modelina]

    30. How pink became a "girl color." [Jezebel]

    31. The Charlie Le Mindu show is totally insane. LOVE Magazine informed us of the pig soundtrack and full-frontal nudity: “Literally pigs screaming backstage, brides covered in blood, vaginas…full on!” [Styleite]

    32. In Natalie Portman's new Dior she blindfolds her on-screen beau with his bow-tie, kisses him passionate on a bed and soaks in a tub wearing nothing but her Dior sunglasses. [NYDN]

    33. Someone stuck this poor kid in a snuggie, set him on fire and sent him down the runway at The New Power Studio for MAN Fall/Winter 2011 collection at London Fashion Week.[TodayTumblr]