The Tuesday Fashion Files!!!

by Mara Siegler · February 8, 2011

    Invites are being sorted, Richie Sambora prepares for his Fashion Week debut, BCBG gets ready for the runway, and PETA prepares to protest with screeching rabbit sounds. There are things you can't afford, things you can, and things made of urushi lacquered horns. The streets of New York begin to rumble with Fashion Week preparation and anticipation.

    1. Fashion Week is almost here!!!!!!!!!! Have you sorted through your invites yet? Do you know your schedule? [Via] Make sure to check our Calendar for all Fashion Week related info!

    2. A behind the scenes look at the BCBG runway prep. [TFS]

    3. Lindsey Thornburg, whose  look is often called "witchy", gave her first fashion week presentation last night. Nate Lowman and Aurel Schmidt were in attendance. []

    4. Bliss Lau, an up and coming jewelry designer who works with Bijules (and whose pieces I am OBSESSED with), held a viewing of her collection using a troupe of six ballerinas, each modeling a piece, who dipped before guests to a somber Philip Glass soundtrack.[]

    5. Emmanuelle Alt dishes on her plans for French Vogue:

    "I’d like there to be more beauty trends; there was so much of that in Vogue back in the eighties. And how people are living; there are so many interesting, cool people here, and they should be in the magazine. More French girls, more French lifestyle." [Vogue]

    6. Converse has partnered with Marimekko, sourcing patterns—the colorful Tarha (1963) and the looping scaly Pikkusuomu (1965) by Annika Rimala and the tiny triangles of the Kirppu (1980) by Maija and Kristina Isola—from the Finnish textile house's archives.  [CoolHunting]

    7. Richie Sambora (he of Bon Jovi fame) and designer Nikki Lund are showing their White Trash Beautiful line during New York Fashion Week. [PAPER]

    8. Behind the Scenes of Levi Curve ID’s Spring Campaign: (psssttt...the music is by Black Mountain)

    9. Fashionista names its 50 Most Fashionable People in New York. Do you agree? Disagree? [Fashionista]

    10. The Kopenhagen Studio show, one of the standouts of Copenhagen fashion week, saw Kopenhagen Fur, the largest pelt auction house in the world. These furs are spectacular (barring your membership in PETA). [Fashionista]

    11. For those who haven't satiated the need for fur yet, take a look at Yves Saint Laurent Pre-Fall 2011. Clothing porn on a whole new level. [Vogue]

    12. Or not.  PETA is planning on blasting DNY's offices with the sound of screaming rabbits as a Fashion Week protest her use of fur. They have a permit. [NYO]

    13. And in things I (and I am assuming most) can actually afford. Can you believe this outfit is from H&M.  Amazing. [FashionSquad]

    14. Anderson Cooper and Lady Gaga hanging out=I die. For real, this is great. Watch what happens when GaGa tries to take the Silver Fix to her old apt. Sometimes you can;t go homet:

    15. In related GaGa news, her boyfriend and St. Jerome's bartender, Luc Carl, has sold his book The Drunk Diet to St. Martin's Press. He claims to have lost 40 pounds while maintaining a lifestyle of consistent daily binge drinking. I've tried this. It doesn't work.  [NYO]

    16. Urban Outfitters new bridal line, titled Bhldn, launches online this Valentine's Day. It "is more likely to make a large, lopsided taffeta bow the focal point of a dress, give a wedding gown an unfinished hem or cover elaborate pearl-studded flowers with a sheer layer of tulle." [WWD]

    17. The fashion flock is putting the amour in glamour this Valentine’s Day. Find out how they are spending V-Day. For example, Jason Wu on his plans:

    “There is always time to be a little romantic,” Wu says. “Even recovering from Fashion Week!” The evening will include dinner at Daniel with his partner, Gustavo Rangel, accompanied by white roses from Miho Kosuda and chocolate from Jacques Torres. [T]

    18. Teen Vogue has joined Tumblr! If you weren't convinced working there would be amazing, take a look at the male models just lounging in their hallway.  [TeenVogueTumblr]

    And, they're already posting amazing photos: "Shake it up, baby! Play dress-up with these crazy-cool accessories and over-the-top nails. Read all about spring’s top five accessory and nail art trends, plus shop the tools to create an awesome at-home manicure yourself." [TeenV]

    19. A study combined facial features of women of different nationalities to create an “average face” for each country.  The US isn't on here but we have steep competition. They're all pretty! [The Gloss]

    20. Joblessness among 18-29 year olds hovers around 14.8%, which will affect spending habits for the rest of their life. Nancy Koehn, retail historian and Harvard Business School says, "They're like cookies coming out of the oven. They're hardening in this environment. There's no question it's going to affect how they think about what they buy, how they approach consumption." EBay, Groupon, Gilt, and all the likely be a mainstay no matter how much is in the bank account. [WWD]

    21.  Aoi Kotsuhiroi has revealed his Exotic Regrets collection. The heels are urushi lacquered horns. He says:

    "Exotic Regrets is a dance of the female muscles, tensed up as an ultimate stake. In the enclosure of the secret, ritual bodies and codes split the instant. Parallel heels are instruments of nudity as a trap in tension. The rest remains to be done, other rituals in balance.” [Trendland]

    Aoi Kotsuhiroi

    22. Film producer Stephanie Danan and producer/screenwriter Justin Kern have collaborated to create Co Collections.Here's there launch vid featuring a love triangle between Elodie Bouchez, Henry Gummer (Meryl Streep's son) and designer, Kern.

    23. Christian Lacroix has joined creative forces with Sicis, the art mosaic factory in Ravenna, Italy to make furniture. [FFF]

    24. Gisele does not think sunscreen is poison:

    "Gisele would never say not to use sunscreen because she has had family members who have had skin cancer. She simply stated that her all-natural skin-care line does not have SPF because there is not an all natural SPF available," her publicist, Amber Clapp, explained. [Stylelist]

    25. All Valentino has ever wanted—at home as in his couture collections—is perfection. With the help of interior designer Jacques Grange, he's almost done it. [VanityFair]

    26. Highlights From Rodarte’s West-Meets-East Collection. Photographed by Mario Testino for the February 2011 Issue of Vogue. [Vogue]

    . And just because: [TheFrontRow]

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