A Day In The Life Of: A Fashion Correspondent During Fashion Week

by Natalie Decleve · September 14, 2011

    Working the tents of Lincoln Center is a dream come true for many girls. It's also a shit load of work. This season, we checked in with our official fashion correspondent, Natalie Decleve (left) to find out what it was like being her for the day. Check out her grueling schedule below...

    7:30am – Wake up to the radio blaring. Wonder why the F the alarm clock is mistakenly set so early… Oh yeah it’s still Fashion Week.

    8:00am – Power breakfast of coffee and cereal, try on 3 outfits before deciding on my "look" for the day.

    8:45am – Make my way uptown to Lincoln Center for the Jenny Packham show. Listen to a seemingly normal man on the crowded subway sing Kumbaya - to nobody in particular.

    10:00am – Lust after the ethereal looks of the show, what a lovely and soft way to ease into the day! I’m feelin’ good.

    10:30:am – Head across to the Rachel Roy. Run into Bobbi Brown who remembers me from working together a while ago. I’m flattered to chat her up for a hot second before she’s swooped up by more important people begging for her attention, namely – Kim Kardashian.

    11:00am – Meet with our Guest of a Guest fashion intern, Courtney and photog, Jenna, to tag team some street style from the tents.

    11:15am - Run into Candice Lake, photographer for Vogue UK. We chat and take each other's picture –a common practice in the love-fest that is Lincoln Center at Fashion Week:" I love your look, can I take your photo?" "YES but I love YOUR look – can I take yours tooo?!"

    11:30am – Stutter when I ask Joanna Hillman about her t-tips for F-Fashion Week. Is it possible to have a style crush?

    12:30pm – I'm starving and starting to drag. Head over to the Teen Vogue Haute Spot in Lincoln Center to use their iPads and catch up on emails.

    12:35pm – Snatch up 4 baby "Baked by Melissa" cupcakes in rapid succession immediately upon entering. The peanut butter and jelly flavor is just like eating a sandwich… right?

    12:37pm – Pound a Figi water like a frat boy drinking beer and repress the urge to slam dunk the bottle. Gotta wash down all that peanut butter somehow!

    1:00pm – Shiver uncontrollably while snacking on some Pirates Booty in the lounge. WHY is it so cold in here?! Are they secretly storing salmon or eggs in the makeup station or something?? At least I'm not tired anymore.

    2:00pm – Leave the (not so hot) Haute Spot, despite having more work to do because my lips are blue, and it's not a fashion statement.

    2:05pm – Buy a cup of hot tea from the Lincoln Center vendor dude. He looks at me like I'm a lunatic. Maybe because it’s 80 degrees and sunny outside.

    2:06pm – Burn my tongue on my tea, but don’t care because I'm so happy to be answering emails from my Blackberry in the sunshine.

    3:30pm – Head downtown to the Metropolitan Pavilion for the Elizabeth Kosich show as a part of Nolcha.

    3:45pm – I'm a little early, so I decide to walk over to Sephora to pick something up for my mom. Extra walking in 6 inch Louboutin stilettos; not the best idea at this point.

    3:55pm – Back to the Pavilion. By now, I'm sweaty and my feet are starting to kill.

    3:56pm – Spot a very comfy looking SUV printed with #MBFW, and convince them to give me a ride to the Highline after the show in exchange for posing with the car.

    4:45pm – Exit the show to find that my "white knight" in shining car is gone! Bastards. Feeling like a sucker.

    5:00pm – Make it to the A&O show (no thank Mercedes Benz). Eat yet another cupcake. Watch the paps go nuts over those other 2 Kardashian sisters.

    5:30pm – Hobble into a cab back up to Lincoln Center, and inspect blisters the size and shape of Africa on my feet. I also examine that the Nolcha shows gift bag which includes all of the necessities for … well Ill just tell you:

    Press on nails Fake eye lashes A scratch & win ticket for “Big Daddy’s” lotto A business card for what looks like an escort service A gift certificate for $50 off of Completely Bare’s waxing services A very cheap looking brochure titled “Hello World!” Communications

    And the kicker…

    Two "Swipes – Lovin' Wipes…For before and after intimate moments"

    Yes, seriously.

    6:00pm – Pound another Figi water on my way to see Betsy Johnson. Skip the socializing and sink thankfully into my seat. Peer into the gift bag with trepidation only to discover MORE cupcakes, teal eyeliner and pink hair extensions. Perfect! My Ho Kit is now complete.

    6:30pm – Rock out to Nirvana and New Young Pony Club in one of the most entertaining shows of the season before finally limping as quickly as a gimp can limp; back to the subway and home.