Alexa Chung Premieres Line For Madewell At The Bowery Hotel

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · February 16, 2010

    alexa chungalexa chungalexa chung

    By no means is Alexa Chung a new staple in the fashion or entertainment worlds. So it's no surprise she'd have a presence at Fashion Week. Last night at The Bowery Hotel, Daisy Lowe, Christian Siriano, Mark Indelicato, Pixie GeldofPoppy Delevigne, Phillip Loch, Jenna Lyons, and some of us at GoaG all got a special preview of the new line...and some very leggy models.

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    The bulk of the collection played around with slim trousers, highwaisted shorts and some really beautiful broached blazers. All in all, everything was as to die for as the SWAG bag, that came with chocolate and a notebook -- both of which you don't realize are pillars of life until you get them for free. As for footwear, the models wore variations of wooden clogs and strappy sandals...with socks (which seem like the ultimate solution to dealing with today's snowy weather). The entire collection was nicely tied up in a rustic bow by Tenneseee Thomas of "The Like," who manned (or womaned!) the DJ tables.

    mark indelicato