Alexandre Herchcovitch's Army Of Love

by ANISA HASANI · September 9, 2008

    Alexandre HerchcovitchAlexandre HerchcovitchAlexandre HerchcovitchAlexandre Herchcovitch [Photos from]

    Entitled as indicated above, two words not quite fitting next to one another, Alexandre Herchcovitch, debuted his Spring/Summer 2009 collection at Bryant Park where an array of attendees including Nigel Barker, filled the front row seats as the raindrops washed over the white tents. His inspiration was born from a place and era not far away from the current moment-- foreign ruled, troubled and politically torn countries.

    Separating himself from the remaining bewildering gang of fashion darlings, Herchcovitch's collection embodied strength found in the silhouettes and details, as well as femininity and softness, as seen in his silk georgette, delicate fabrics infused with nature prints of flowers and landscape.The pastel color tones, delicate fabrics and the ubiquitous military influence worked in agreeable harmony to create the dainty, poetic touch. A mouth-dropping wearable dress was this white heavenly piece, ruffled front and back, with extreme Ottoman army uniform details on the shoulders.

    The show's spirit set by the red-lit runway, to the chills-generating music, was very much appreciated. Alexandre Herchcovitch is standing alone on a high platform for his incredible awareness of the world, brilliantly molding creativity and fashion into one vehicle to encode the message of peace and liberty. I am thrilled to see that beauty lingers in our hearts as well not merely on the cat-walk. Eat your heart out Bono and Angelina Jolie!!