Anatomy Of A Gift Bag: Resurrection Party At Christie's

by Rachelle Hruska · September 8, 2008

    Ever wonder what's in the gift bags of those fabulous fashion parties you're missing out on?

    Nick Leighton dissects the Resurrection Party's Gift Bag at Christie's for Plum TV.  Um, Nick...did you miss the memo or something?  This isn't the Hamptons anymore, this is the BIG CITY and people don't go to parties just for the gift bags....they are actually there to see the clothes.  We'll forgive you this once, as you are a newbie on the scene, but, take it from a pro, you don't see Kelly Cultrone video blogging about her gift bag do you!? Trés Tacky.

    [Resurrection Party] [Kelly Cultrone Gets Candid At Christies]