Black And White Polka Dots: Newest Fall Fashion Trend

by Rachelle Hruska · September 5, 2008

    Ellen Von Unwerth, Agyness Deyn [Ellen Von Unwerth and  Agyness Deyn at Christie's party for Resurrection. Photo by Neil Rasmus for Patrick McMullan]

    Forget the color purple, Agyness and Ellen are creating a fall fashion trend on their own:

    Agyness: "OMG, YOU know that Black and White Polka Dots are the greatest thing ever TOO?!"

    Ellen: "Obvi. I don't walk out of the house with out at least a couple of dots accompanying me."

    Agyness: "Totally.  But now, after tonight, they will be the "fally fashion trend" and we will sadly have to stop wearing them.  Thankfully, I got one more night with my dots."