Both Izzy Golds Spotted Making Their Fashion Week Rounds

by Rachelle Hruska · September 5, 2008

    Izzy gold Does Fashion Rocks [Via WireImage]

    Okay to catch you up: There are two gentleman claiming to be the real Izzy Gold. Once friends, there was a rift and, well people are picking sides left and right (catch up on all the drama below).  Now that summer is almost over and things are picking up in this town, both Izzy's are making their rounds.  On Tuesday, the "old" Izzy Gold, Francesco Civetta, was spotted at Ben Watt's "Big Up!" Party.  Last night, it seems that the "new" Izzy Gold, Chris Young, was at the Fashion Rocks Preview party at Mansion (and looks pumped to be there I might add).  One wound up on PMc, the other on WireImage, both reputable sources of truth.  But the truth is just getting more mangled.  Are we going to accept that there are two Izzy Golds out there????

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