Experience A Different Side Of Fashion Week At Hot Museum

by MAGGIE HUNTER · February 13, 2009

    As you all know, Fall '09 fashion week kicks off today, drawing hordes of those who would never otherwise dare to venture above 14th street. If you too are lurking around the tents trying to catch a glimpse of your favorite fashion superstars, or arrive late to the tents only to find their doors closed, you might want to take the opportunity to check out the amazing sartorial snapshots currently housed at the International Center of Photography, conveniently located right on 43rd st. and 6th ave. Yes, the center's current programming is all about fashion, and we can't think of a better week to go check it out. The Year of Fashion exhibits include a retrospective of the years Edward Steichen spent at Conde Nast (1923-37), an exhibition entitled Weird Beauty that showcases the most cutting edge fashion photographs of the 2000s, and This Is Not A Fashion Photograph, a series of photos drawn from the ICP's permanent collection. The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 to 6, staying open until 8 on Fridays.