Fern Mallis (The Creator Of Fashion Week) Was Given A Standing Spot At Fashion Week

by Stephanie Maida · February 6, 2019

    Welp. Someone's PR is getting fired.

    On Tuesday, in the midst of New York Fashion Week: Men's, the minor precursor of the official NYFW womenswear shows, Fern Mallis (whom we should all recognize as an industry legend) posted a bemused Instagram of her seating assignment at a runway show. Beneath the barcode was the most offensive word one could ever see at Fashion Week: standing.


    While it's unlikely the brand itself was behind the seating snafu (Mallis hasn't publicly shared the designer, but Page Six claims it was menswear label Nihl), the gaffe was certainly a big one, made by someone who is, perhaps, too young to realize that Fern Mallis is a forever FROW-er. We mean, she literally invented Fashion Week in the '90s, back when she was the creative director of the CFDA.

    On the plus side, this little story has made me feel better about all the standing room only seats I've personally been assigned at shows. Maybe some people simply don't know who I am!

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