How Does A Model Prepare For Fashion Week? Bowling. Duh.

by Chiara Atik · August 24, 2009

    Forget juice fasts or the master cleanse. Agyness Deyn knows that the best way to prepare for New York Fashion Week is some hearty activity, like bike riding, shopping (it's totally exercise.) and, um, bowling. With only 17 days left until the fashion frenzy starts, Aggy has been fitting in plenty of all three. If you're picturing her amidst a crowd of pot-bellied pros, think again: our favorite quirky Brit supermodel knows that choosing stylish accessories also includes choosing a stylish bowling partner. So who did Aggy bowl with? Click below to find out...

    Of course it was fellow ex-pat and trend-setter Alexa Chung. She propositioned the model on Saturday via Twitter, with the simple yet effective:

    @alexa_chung bowlings? xx

    Hahahaha, bowlings. You Brits are cute.

    Unfortunately, their first attempt was not very successful:

    @AggyDeyn Tonight I went to a bowling place just to wait for 3 hours and then not bowl! That was fun!

    Ahh, the downside of being major trendsetters: the second you twitter about it, even something as pedestrian as bowling gets to be insanely popular and packed. I guess bowling alleys don't give VIP treatments to models?

    Still, our heroines were determined to partake in this American past time, and tried again the next night:

    @AggyDeyn Bowling attempt number 2!

    Which was apparently more successful! Hooray! The girls took to bowling like ducks to water. Sort of.

    @alexa_chung I wish I wasn't shit at bowling.

    Yeah, everyone sucks at bowling Alexa. That's why it isn't really popular. Aggy has a more optimistic view of her bowling prowess:

    @AggyDeyn 1st game of bowling...last place! It's the taking part that counts right!

    Despite a less than stellar first game, the girls decide for one more round. Alexa is over it, like really over it. Aggy remains unflappable.

    @alexa_chung Attention span too short for a second game. Idly flopping those balls down the lane now. Stripped of dignity and pride. Its a sad sad sight.

    @AggyDeyn 2nd game!!!! I am crowned the winner!!!! Yay!!! Bit of an erratic athlete!!!!

    So will they go bowling again? Doubtful. But at least they've let off steam before Fashion Week. Of course there are other ways to relax, as well...

    Karl Lagerfeld unwinds by reading gossip magazines with insanely hot young men in Saint Tropez.

    Anne Vyalitsyna chills out on Leonardo DiCaprio's boat.

    Or, yeah, bowling in Brooklyn. Hey, whatever floats your boat yacht.