Inside The Jeremy Scott After-Party At Le Bain, And The Nanette Lepore Bash At 1Oak

by Sun Kersor · February 17, 2011

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    Jeremy Scott hosted his Fashion Week after-party at Le Bain, and Nanette Lepore held her bash at 1Oak. The Missouri- and Ohio-natives, respectively, sure crawled out of their Midwestern provenance and brought some intense New York partying.

    Jeremy Scott After-Party

    Jeremy Scott, the designer known for his iconic and humorous prints, celebrated the end of Fashion Week at Le Bain--perhaps cooling off from his sometime-stardom on TV (he's appeared on The Young and the Restless, and 2NE1). Susanne Bartsch, John Legend, Rio Wamer, and Yocmit all helped Scott bring the party. The Misshapes, the DJ duo composed of Geordon Nicol and Leigh Lezark, spun. Party hosted by Belvedere Vodka.

    [Susanne Bartsch]                                             [Jeremy Scott]


    Nanette Lepore After-Party

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    A fashion designer known for her feminine style and intricate detailing, Nanette Lepore celebrated with a similar fastidiousness. Her after-party at 1Oak brought dancing and smooching. Just look below.

    [Nanette Lepore]