Marc Jacobs And Robert Duffy Put Their Spending Foot Down: 1300 Fashionistas Not Receiving Their Invites

by KENDRA SEAY · February 3, 2009

    Marc Jacobs and his business partner, Robert Duffy, are pinching pennies this year along with the rest of us. First he cans his Christmas Party, then his Fall '09 Fashion Week after-party and now, he's taking 1300 people off the list for his February 16th show! MJ is reducing his 2000 person guest list to 700 people with 500 seated and 200 standing. While this might be shocking and certainly tear-inducing to the fashion obsessed with a missing invite, we are glad Marc Jacobs is spending wisely. Duffy told the media:

    "This isn't the time to spend the money to entertain the entire world. Everybody thinks it costs the same money to entertain 500 people as opposed to 2,000 [when you've got the space]. It doesn't. All those 2,000 people still need to be seated, they still need to check in, this one needs this, that one needs that, and you know what? It's very costly." [WWD]

    With the cuts being made to the always exclusive MJ guest list, we wonder who will be in attendance...Or more importantly, who won't be?