Pamela Anderson And Tinsley Mortimer Walk For Richie Rich

by Chiara Atik · February 18, 2010

    [All photo by PMc]

    If runways could talk, we're sure the runway from Richie Rich's fashion show last night would have quite a lot to say. Of course, runways can't talk, but luckily for us, interns can! Here's what our intern Kelly had to say after witnessing Pamela Anderson, Tinsley Mortimer, and Amanda Lepore walk in what has to have been the craziest fashion show all week...-

    "The invite said to be there at took me about 45 minutes of trying to push my way to the front ropes and sending a tweet to get in. Pamela Anderson and Richie Rich didn't show up until the show didn't actually start until about 10:20. A photographer actually lit a cigarette at the end of the runway being impatient. The photographers were also boo-ing at one point as well."

    So people just sat there and waiting for the show to start? Sounds boring, right? Well, not quite...

    " was definitely a show.They had gymnasts from white cloths hanging form the ceiling at both sides of the venue. There was a woman in a gold swimsuit with about 20 bananas around her wait dancing down the runway. This was all while the crowd was waiting 2.5 hours for the show to start though."

    Finally, the show started, and spectators were treated to the sartorial genius that is Richie Rich.

    "Some of the clothes were really great while some were just pieces of cloth wrapped around a naked man. The green, orange, and blonde wigs added some fun to the runway show as well. The thing that confused me though is I'm pretty sure Richie Rich thinks Fall 2010 fashion week means spring fashion week? Half of the clothes down the runway were bathing suits."

    Whether or not they stuck to the often stringent conventions of Fashion Week, the crowd and participants seemed to be having more fun than we've seen anyone have all week. Models practically skipped down the runway as the crowd cheered them on--even the usually restrained Tinsley Mortimer practically galloped down the runway after giddily tweeting from backstage. (Cheering her on from the audience? Apparently on-again boyfriend Constantine Maroulis, who has been at Tinsley's side all Fashion Week. The two seemed to take a break post-filming of High Society, but are back at each others' sides now that promotion for the show has begun...)

    Pamela Anderson, ardent advocate for PETA, happily posed with posters that were being passed out of a naked man that said "I'd Rather Get Fisted Than Wear Furs." Try arguing with THAT, Anna Wintour!

    Update: We got the following tid bit from a tipster, who was taking a cigarette break outside the show:

    I did see pamela anderson fall drunkenly out of her SUV with richie with a glass of something (which fell to the ground and broke)

    Yes, well exiting cars can be very tricky.

    Tinsley Mortimer

    Constantine Maroulis

    Pamela Anderson                         Best Picture Of Tinsley Ever