Underage Models Got Rejected From Their Own Men's Fashion Week Party Last Night

by Natasha Przedborski · July 13, 2016

    Men’s fashion week in New York is already irrelevant as is but if you add to it after-parties that are flops, you end up with a waste of money and a ton of beautiful people looking for a better party. This year, men’s brands have gone the obscure route for their after-parties, choosing only the most unknown and random venues with bouncers stricter than your boarding school principal. Chinatown and the East Village were filled with wasted potential to end a day of groundbreaking fashion.

    This year's shows are not only aesthetically pleasing but also broke gender boundaries and our preconceptions of how models should look. The ever growing existence of #Nodels was made very clear at Gypsy Sport's show yesterday featuring unique (and at times, creepy) looks. With shows like these we only expected the parties to be equally as awesome. Unfortunately, when you want the faces of your clothes to be fresh and young, that means your models are under 21. Last night was the second night of NYFWM and the models couldn't even get into their own designer bashes. That means an empty room, a flop for the headlining "secret DJ" and a bunch of hangry models walking the streets. Let's hope this is a lesson for brands to choose classier (a.k.a. easier to buy your way into) types of clubs.

    [Photos via @serichai, @phoenixjakob]