What's In Your Bag? GofG Fashion Week Goers Spill All

by CARSON GRIFFITH · September 18, 2009

    Running from one show to the next, and party hopping can take a toll on a girl (or a boy!). So how did Rachelle, Douglas Marshall and I do it all week? Sorry, no magic spells to share with you, but we can let you know what we brought around in our bags all week to get us through the madness. Between the three of us, we think we should have you pretty much covered. Just in case you find yourself in a bind come FW Fall '10. See ya in February! [Marc Jacobs SS '10 Bag via The Purse Blog]


    Rachelle Hruska, GofG Editor-In-Chief and Cosmo.com Fashion Week correspondant [Rachelle interviewing designer and friend Keith Lissner]

    1. Flips-flops Thankfully, she's got some height on her, because she's not a heels girl, so in-between interviewing for Cosmo.com, she keeps her flip-flops handy. Fashion faux pas? Maybe, says Tim Gunn. But it sure is nice when your feet hurt!

    2. Rosebud salve

    3. Dogbones for Stanley Got to keep him happy - he's feeling a bit neglected with Rachelle being so busy during Fashion Week!

    Expected more? Not much, considering Rachelle keeps it low maintenance - even in her couture.

    Douglas Marshall, GofG Fashion Week Correspondent and Boy About Town [Douglas Marshall at the Fabric Magazine party]

    1. A black sharpie "So I can write a fake seating assignment on the index card I was given that says standing. Then I don't have to wait in the cattle line"

    2. An extra bow tie

    3. Water pills to remove the bloat and keep him slim His brand of choice is Diurex, in case you're in the market

    4. His voice recorder to get those great interviews at any time

    5. "Trident Tropical Twist gum "Because a reporter with bad breath is NOT doing his job"

    6. Repecharge Clean Hands sanitizing wipes Because Douglas is on the look-out for the Swine Flu - better safe than sorry!

    Carson Griffith, Gofg Fashion Week Correspondent [Carson interviewing Lydia Hearst at Marc Bouwer virtual runway shoot]

    1. Nars lipgloss In about 3 shades. Right now something dark, because I'm channeling Taylor Momsen (yes, a 16 year old) and trying to fit in with all the hepcats at the shows

    2. Green tea Because by the end of Fashion Week, I'm well on my way to sick.

    3. Bionova moisturizer Better than La Prairie and cheaper, my skin dries out from all the make-up I'm forced to wear. Ick.

    4. My Blackberry BBM = life.

    Lip-stuff and moisturizer? Probably expected. A sharpie and dog-bones? Not so much. But hey, we made it through, and with all the best parties and shows under our belt. Now all we gotta do it kick back, relax, and wait till next season...