by Rachelle Hruska · May 2, 2008

     "The next generation of sustainability."

    Next Friday, Envirolution is having their launch party in New York. At only $100 a ticket, this is not an event you will want to miss out on. With the entire young social crowd on the committee, the event itself will be rocking, the organization however, is cool enough in it's own right.

    Envirolution is an organization who's mission is to mobilize, propel and expand the sustainability movement by empowering the next generation of leaders to implement solutions in their communities and by building a brand and culture around a fresher and more broadly appealing version of sustainability. It accomplishes the mission by offering tools and avenues of participation via our Clubs, Website, and Events. It broadens sustainability to include art, pop-culture, fashion, business and athletics.

    This Launch Party will be the unveiling of all Envirolution has worked for over the last two years. It is now time to Lead It. Live It.

    GofG will be there covering the event next Friday, we hope to see you all there!