"Let's Make A Deal!" eBay Finally Hosts Publicity Stunt Of Its Own

by EVAN MULVIHILL · June 24, 2009

    [Mild rejoice. All photos via Getty.] eBay usually gets free publicity from users selling silly things on their site, like kidneys or Michael Phelps' bong or a tampon that was DEFINITELY used by Britney Spears. This week (Monday through today from 1-5pm), eBay tried their hand at their very own Times Square publicity stunt, enlisting the likes of the screechy gay actor Mario Cantone to host a fun-filled "game show" called "Let's Make a Daily Deal." Monty Hill, a real live legitimate game show host, was also somehow involved. Participants selected from the masses of tourists trolling around Times Square had the opportunity to win prizes whose average eBay price they had to guess based on the standard retail value. Crafty! Pics below.

    Mario Cantone