TopShop over Rat Bastard;our opportunity to regain Gwyneth's affection.

by guestofaguest · October 31, 2007

    gwyneth paltrow

    Holly here to share the best news of the day.  Today, Racked made it OFFICIAL: Beloved TopShop is coming to Soho!!!  And what's even better than that?  It's taking over the Yellow Rat Bastard's spot!  I realize a lot of you may love that bastardly store but I myself have never really gotten it.  I think Ugly Dolls are well...ugly, and would never let my child play with that shit.  In any event, this means that now we can all try and look like Kate Moss on a budget. I want to really encourage people to shop here when it opens, maybe if enough of us pick up on England's style techniques,  Gwyneth will start liking us Americans again?