"The Playground" Your Guide To What To Do This Weekend......

by Molly Harrington · April 22, 2011

    It's time to figure out where the parties are this weekend.  Make sure to check out our Calendar Page and follow us on Twitter as well.

    Tribeca Film Festival Outdoor Screening: The Muppets Take Manhattan When: Saturday, 6-11pm Where: World Financial Plaza, Open Event Why: Kick back with Kermit & Miss Piggy! [Details]

    Limelight Screening & After Party When:  Friday, 9:30pm-12am Where: Invite Only Why:  Relive 80s NYC nightlife on-screen & after! [Details]

    The Good Doctor Premiere After Party When:  Friday, 11:30pm-2am Where: Invite Only Why:  See Orlando Bloom in scrubs, then see him in swank party attire [Details]

    Angel's Crest Premiere & After Party When:  Friday, 8:00pm-2am Where: Invite Only Why:  Party with Kate Walsh & Jeremy Pivven! [Details]

    Catching Hell Premiere When:  Saturday, 8:00-11pm Where: Invite Only Why:  Take a deeper look at sports curses and scapegoats. [Details]

    Jesus Henry Christ Premiere After Party When:  Saturday, 11:00pm-2am Where: Invite Only Why:  See if the boy genius can party! [Details]

    The Perfect Family Premiere & After Party When: Sunday, 7pm-12am Where: Invite Only Why: See & then celebrate a film about the typical dysfunctional family. [Details]

    God Bless Ozzy Osbourne Premiere When: Sunday, 8-11pm Where: Invite Only Why: Party Osbourne style with the whole fam! [Details]

    Diddy to Host Concert After-Party When: Friday, 10pm-12am Where: Invite Only Why: Go shake ya tailfeather! [Details]

    Sustainable Fashion Party When: Friday, 4-6pm Where: Invite Only Why: Get Eco-Trendy! [Details]

    Soho International Film Festival Awards Gala When: Friday, 6:45-11pm Where: Capitale, Ticketed Event Why: Celebrate the film festival & see a Soprano (Frank Vincent)! [Details]

    Night People @ Le Bain When: Saturday, 10pm-1am Where: Le Bain, Open Event Why: Dance, dance, dance! [Details]