How did you find yourself in the oh so glamorous and equally oh so unglamorous world of event design?

I sort of fell into it as part of an extended process of elimination in which I came to realize that I didn't really have any other marketable skills. I've always loved throwing parties and I have always loved going to parties. I grew up in splendid isolation in Northeast Arkansas on my family's farm. We had no neighbors and the closest people were 3 miles away and they were my grandparents! When friends and family came to visit they would come and stay.  We had to create entertainment for our guests who had traveled a long way to see us. We had to do it for ourselves to stay sane but mostly we probably felt like we had to justify people making the trip. So this sense of hospitality is really just in our blood, part of the daily rhythm of the life of my family. After college, I was out working in LA as a set designer, I had my time in Paris with the State Department and then a dear friend called and asked me to help her with her wedding in Maine. I called up my mom and said, let's do this!
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