Take us back to the beginning. What was your childhood like, and what did you want to be when you grew up?

Landon: My childhood was pretty amazing; we grew up on the islands off the coast of Georgia, St. Simons and Sea Island. 

I always loved acting as a child and did all of the plays, I also loved sports and horseback riding. Reality TV wasn’t a thing when I was growing up but I always wanted to make movies and I still do… I’ve secretly been working on a project with my friends Bobby Kennedy and Paul Morgan. It is about Hunter S. Thompson running for Sheriff of Aspen. The project is coming along but we still have quite the hike before we find our way to the big screen.

Anna: From a career perspective, my brother and I are always encouraged to do things that make us better and more fulfilled individuals but my parents also had us recognize the power in finding ways to enjoy working hard at the things we are good at. Which is something I feel is super important.

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