Hurry! There's Still Time To Reserve A Table At White Castle For Valentine's Day!

by Chiara Atik · January 20, 2010

    Valentine's day is a special, romantic time of year. What better way to celebrate than by going to a classy restaurant, say, White Castle, and sharing some sliders with your beloved? If you call now, you can still make a reservation. We know, because we just did.-

    There are a number of White Castle locations in New York City, but none quite so intimidating as the location on 8th Avenue and 36th street, where a steady traffic of homeless people needing to use the bathroom, crack heads, and misguided foreigners keep the restaurant fairly busy.

    Obviously, we had to call and make a reservation for two on Valentine's Day.

    "Is 5 pm ok?" The (very nice) lady taking my reservation asks me.

    5 PM dinner reservations for Valentines Day? Hot.

    The woman takes my name and promises me a romantic atmosphere, with decorated tables and waiter service. Not sure the Valentine's Day decorations will be able to quite mask the "Bag A Sack" slogans written all over the menu, but I'm willing to reserve judgment.

    "And you just pay for what you consume." She tells me.

    I tell her I'm considering the "Crave Case", which is a cardboard suitcase of 30 signature White Castle Sliders. "Ok, then." She responds, uninterested.

    In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I should mention that, according to Urban Legend, Sliders are so named because they "Slide right in, and slide right out". So, again. Romantic.

    We now had dinner reservations, but still wanted to take it one step further.

    So Billy Gray called them back, and told them he was thinking of proposing to his Girlfriend over Valentine's Day, could they help him out?

    Yes,  they could! He can't bring champagne into the store because they don't have a liquor license. But anything else can definitely be arranged. They even said they'd be more than happy to take a picture of the happy couple for the White Castle Newsletter!

    Sort of like this couple:

    In the end, you can't really judge. Because if two people have enough in common to spend the rest of their lives together, that sort of has to be applauded, even if that thing in common is a love of tiny hamburgers.

    To make your own White Castle Reservation, call 718-899-8404 ext. 304