Interview: Anthony Souza, Photographer Turned Up-And-Coming DJ, Talks About His Budding Music Career With His Brother

by Chelsea Burcz · February 17, 2012

    Despite their very different day jobs as a photographer and yoga instructor, Brazilian brothers Anthony and Sean Souza, (the sons of Carlos Souza, a style icon and head of public relations of the Valentino empire, and Charlene Shorto, who also worked at Valentino), have joined forces as a DJ team, and they are already getting major recognition -- just this week they spun for Carlos Miele's fashion show at NYFW, and even more so, last month for Madonna's W.E. after party at Le Bain. And while their parents are major forces in the fashion world, the brothers' picked up music as hobby all on their own. From his musical inspiration, to how the brothers collaborate while thousands of miles away from each other, Anthony Souza talks about his up-and-coming career in music.

    [Anthony Souza, Sean Souza, Photo via]

    So you two spun for the Carlos Miele fashion show the other day? How was it spinning for a fashion show? Have you ever done that before?

    It was our first time spinning for a fashion show and we really enjoyed it, it was a very different experience from playing at parties or clubs, mainly because we had to fit a diverse content in such a small amount of time. Carlos made us feel comfortable with the amount of creative freedom he allowed us, we really enjoyed working with him.

    [Carlos Miele, Sean Souza, Anthony Souza at the Carlos Miele show at NYFW 2012, Photo via]

    What was it like playing for Madonna's party? And you took photos for her as well?

    The W.E. after party at Le Bain was amazing, we played music for a crowd that loves to dance and is also very good at it! Also Le bain's sound system is one of the best we have ever played. It was a great night! Yes, I was the on set photographer for her movie W.E.

    Speaking of fashion, your father is very involved in fashion, have either of you thought of following his foot steps?

    No not really, we have different paths but it is always interesting and fun when they intersect.

    How has your father and people like Valentino in your life affected your outlook creatively?

    It was a blessing to be surrounded by people who dedicate their lives to beauty, they have taught us a lot about beauty, aesthetics, art and creativity in general.

    When did you two decide to team up together in music and where did you get your start? (You both have very different day jobs, Sean is a yoga instructor, and Anthony is a photographer.)

    We have always played music together, we inspire and teach each other a lot by working as a duo and the DJ thing just evolved naturally from our love for electronic music, we used to play for friends and at private parties but recently we have been receiving more official invitations which has made our approach have a more professional nature.

    [Sean Souza, Anthony Souza, Photo via]

    How would you describe the sounds you produce, and what are your typical genres? Any music you are really stoked on right now?

    We love many different types of music and we enjoy playing a variety of different genres, but I guess what we are more renown for is tech-house. We also really dig some of the music coming out of from younger genres like hyperdub and from producers like Four Tet, Caribou, Dauwd, Gold Panda and others.

    What is your favorite type of crowd to play for, or venue?

    A crowd that likes to move and is open to being surprised, there is nothing more inspiring than seeing how music can connect people through dance.

    [Anthony Souza, Sean Souza, Photo via]

    You two were born in Brazil, raised in Rome and England how has this effected your taste in music?

    It broadened the spectrum of our musical diversity by being influenced on an international scale.

    Since you two are so worldly, what is your favorite city to play in?

    At the moment New York, London and Paris but we would love to get more gigs in Brazil!

    Do you two usually have an easy time collaborating on music? Do you have the same taste?

    We have the same tastes and we each have our expertise so it's quite a fluid collaboration, we live apart but thanks to the internet its quite easy for us to build our sets and ideas together on the web.

    Where do you look for music inspiration and inspiration in general?

    We find inspiration in many things but friends and the internet are always abundant sources!

    [Sean Souza, Carlos Souza, Antony Souza, Photo via BFA]

    Are there any DJs you look up to or admire?

    The list is endless but to name a few: Kieran Hebden, James Holden, Stephan Bodzin, Trentemoeller, Stimming, Sebastian Leger, James Copeland, Kaiser Disco, Modeselektor and many, many, many more.