Interview: Cristina Civetta, The Mastermind Behind The Party

by Chelsea Burcz · February 15, 2012

    Remember that crazy party at the W New York Downtown with Mick Rock, where Phantogram performed and Mark Ronson spun? Or how about the other night at the Electric Room, where Helena Christensen threw a party with One Management? Or those Electric Room pop-up parties at Miami Art Basel? Cristina Civetta is the girl behind the scenes, working around the clock to make these parties happen by planning the details, making the connections, and guaranteeing you are having the most fun, ever. Check out what Cristina had to say about her experience throwing some of NYC's best parties.

    How did you start your career? And how long have you been working in nightlife PR?

    I started interning at PR consulting where I had my first real opportunity to see some of the biggest NYFW shows and after parties come together. It was this behind the scenes rush that sparked my interest. I’ve always had a passionate love for fashion, art, and music, and love that I get to combine them organizing events. One of the best projects was working on Mick Rock’s Exposed book tour, which I did with his manager and one of my close friends, Liz Vap of FeralCat Productions. I launched C2 Worldwide in 2010 with Cole Miller and we haven’t really looked back (or had time to!). Our company works with partnering some of the most exclusive venues in Manhattan, with magazines, brands, and musicians, working on events, marketing, PR and sponsorship packages. We're now expanding through the US and globally with brands and venue projects.

    What is your favorite part of the job?

    Ultimately for me it's still the same initial thrill of seeing an event all come together, working on creative elements, meeting a vast group of people from all different and countries. Music and art can be some of the most unifying experiences.

    [Photo: David X Prutting, Cristina Civetta, Nur Khan]

    Your least favorite part?

    Dealing with flaky people, spreadsheets, and filling out paperwork for events.

    How did you meet Nur Khan? How did you guys start working together? Who else do you work with?

    I met Nur about four years ago at Rose Bar after I moved back from Rome. We became close when I had Guns N Roses for John Varvatos and L'Uomo Vogue kickoff to fashion week and then he had them perform for his session on Valentine’s at Rose Bar. Our first collaboration was for VS Magazine, a feature on Nur’s greatest pics, and moments of nightlife. I was working as the head of advertising for the magazine at the time as well as head of special projects and events which I still do today. Last February we did the launch of VS mag hosted by Nur Khan and Sky Ferraira at Kenmare which was an incredible night, this was our first event together. We also worked on Electric Room pop up in Miami together during Basel. Next up we’re getting ready for Cochella and some more pop ups. Not to mention our VS event to launch the Intimate issue during fashion week with Helena Christensen, LCD, One and Paul Banks. [See the event HERE!]

    SPiN is another venue we work with which is amazingly fun and the people we get to work with are seriously creative which means we can be too. There expanding to 5 new locations so there some really cool projects in the works for the opening as well as the launch of SPiN Social. We also work with some luxury and contemporary fashion brands including bespoke shoe label Mechante of London (which I love and get to rock the shoes out every night of fashion week!), and avant-garde fashion label IMPROVD, and I’m working on a huge music festival for Global Poverty Project. Also, I look forward to launching the next issue of Flatt magazine which has been such a work to put together such intellectual pieces on culture, art and fashion; look for Susan Sarandon and Rufus Wainwright on the covers out end of March.

    What have been some of your favorite parties recently?

    Launch of SPiN Social in January - awesome to see people from all different fields letting loose with the game [of ping pong]. The premiere of Peanut Butter Lovesicle music video at Electric Room before LCD spun, great energy and people coming together. Mick Rock's 50th anniversary at the W Downtown with DJ Cash and Mark Ronson spinning and Phantogram performing. Playboy at the Electric pop up during Miami art basel, and the Kills at the gallery and Electric Room for their Tenth Anniversary.

    When you have a night off, where can you be found?

    Out and about walking my dog Wiley or having cozy dinners with friends at home, gyming it to de-stress with some good tunes.

    What’s your perfect night on the town?

    Dinner, then either a little dancing or a concert...especially rock n roll art opening I also really enjoy.

    [Photo: Cristina Civetta, Francesco Civetta]

    How are you holding up for Fashion Week? Is it your the bane of your existence or is something you look forward to?

    I love it because you get to see friends who only travel in for it and especially in February Fashion Week it's so cold you even see some friends who would normally otherwise be hibernating. The biggest bane of it is how cold it is outside right now!

    What are some events are you looking forward to this spring?

    This week stoked for VS mag launch of Intimate issue with LCD, Helena Christensen and Interpol. Also so excited for Guns N Roses with Nur and Deleon!! And looking forward to Cochella, SXSW, the opening of a new spot were working with in Bimini Bahamas, and all the new SPiN locations opening!

    [Photo: Cristina Civetta, Mick Rock]

    Finally, what is your favorite city to party in and why?

    NEW YORK because it's the only city that really knows how to party and is home. Florence is a close second both because its my second home and love riding my friends' vespas... just next time gotta tone down on the Tequila.