10 Questions With: Charlotte Ronson

by Chelsea Burcz · December 20, 2011

    Charlotte Ronson has made a name for herself, both in fashion and as a woman about town. Known as the "more reserved" Ronson, Charlotte is showing she's had just as much success as brother Mark and twin sister Samantha. With her booming fashion line C.Ronson (which launched in 2000), her JCPenney line I Heart Ronson, a Sephora make up and beauty line (that promises to give you that grunge girl hair without the crunch), and leaving time to attend parties, events, and galas weekly, it's hard to imagine how Charlotte gets any sleep. She answered ten questions for us, check out what she had to say... -

    1. Tell me something about you that most people don’t know?

    I don’t like spicy food or Brussels sprouts.

    2. What's the best thing about a slow economy?

    I think that people generally feel closer to one another- it can bring people together. People put a lot more thought into what they spend their money on—both for themselves and for others.

    3. Who are your favorite characters in history?

    Princess Diana

    4. Favorite place to go when you don’t have to be anywhere?

    My bed!

    5. What's the biggest risk you ever took?

    Starting my own business.

    6. Most memorable NYC moment?

    At one point Mark, Samantha and I all had an apartment in one building on Sullivan street. It was such a fun, memorable time for the three of us—one of my favorites in NYC.

    7. If money wasn’t an object, what one piece of artwork would you want in your apartment?

    A George Condo painting—I loved his exhibition Mental States, at the New Museum in New York. I think his work is amazing. I also love Lisa Yuskavage. She was my painting teacher at NYU and I’ve always admired her unique style—her work is really beautiful.

    8. Who do you most respect in your field?

    Karl Lagerfeld.

    9. Who is your alter ego?

    My twin sister Samantha.

    10. Your proudest moment?

    I felt so proud when my brother Mark won his Grammy for his work with Amy Winehouse on the album 'Back to Black'.

    And a few more, for good measure...

    11. What would your superhero name be? What special powers would you have?

    My super-hero name would be Bambi, and I’d have the ability to read people’s minds.

    12. One thing you can’t live without:

    My dog Oliver.

    13. What constitutes "making it"?

    I don’t know if there is a definitive answer. Success is a really personal thing: some would say it’s a certain amount of money or lifestyle, or recognition. It’s about what you value.

    14. What's the Best 2k you've ever spent?

    It didn’t amount to 2K, but I enjoy investing in an annual getaway with my friends. Last year we went to Cabo—we’re trying to make it a yearly occurrence.

    [Photo: Charlotte, Samantha Ronson, Ann Dexter-Jones, Mark Ronson]

    15. I'm obsessed with the idea of "secret celebrities." Who do you think deserves more attention in the spotlight, and who do you think deserves less?

    I think that people should get more attention for doing something inspiring rather than wearing something, or acting out to seek attention. There are so many people who should be recognized for their work—role models who don’t strive to be the in the spotlight.

    [Photos via NYT]

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