Interview: Bill Powers On Art, Family, And His New Book 'What We Lose In Flowers'

by Daniel Reynolds · March 27, 2012

    Bill Powers -- owner of Half Gallery, judge on Bravo's Work of Art, husband, dad, and all-around Man About Town -- sat down with Guest of a Guest to talk about the art world, family life, and his new novella, What We Lose In Flowers.

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    What’s your secret for balancing work, family, and social events?

    90% of the stuff I go to is art related so I guess loosely I can consider that work. We don't go out on weekends really because that's family time.

    What are your favorite events to attend?

    Any book party at Karma. Any movie at The Ziegfeld. Any gig The Virgins play.

    [Bill Powers, Terry Richardson]

    Favorite bars and clubs?

    Le Baron because I'm president of the Andre fan club. Lit for its grit and Boom Boom Room because it must be what Rainbow Room felt like when it first opened.

    [Bill Powers, Andre Saraiva]

    What drove you to start writing novels?

    I think Dorothy Parker said, "I hate writing. I love having written."

    Tell us a little about your new novella, What We Lose In Flowers. What’s it about? What, or who, inspired you? Where can we buy it?

    It's about the rupture that comes from outliving your own legacy. Aging artist steal son's girlfriend as a way to fight death. Please judge my book by its cover as it was done by Richard Prince. Can get at BookMarc or or Dashwood Books.

    Through your positions at BlackBook, Half Gallery, and Bravo, you’ve met a lot of interesting characters. Who was your favorite person you’ve met, interviewed, and/or worked with?

    I once put together a sit down between Damien Hirst and Jay-Z for Purple magazine. Still one of my all-time favorite interviews.

    Who are your favorite fashion designers? (Apart from your wife, Cynthia Rowley, of course.)

    I like shopping at Melet Mercantile. Bob's the best.

    Who are some upcoming artists to watch?

    Wes Lang, Lucien Smith, Tim Barber

    Have any summer plans?

    Meet me in Montauk!

    Where do you see yourself in ten years?


    What’s in your refrigerator right now?

    Mini Buds, juice boxes, raspberries and a thousand other things.

    If you could have a superpower, what would it be, and why?

    Keep my kids small so they'll live with us forever!

    [Bill Powers with his wife, Cynthia Rowley]

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