Interview: Jamie Mulholland, On His Big Cain-Luxe Opening, Why This Was His Best Summer Yet, And What's In Store For His Team

by Rachelle Hruska · October 23, 2008

    [Jamie Mulholland with Family at Surf Lodge. Photo by K. Doran for Rob Rich]

    Jamie Mulholland has always managed to stay ahead of the curve.  Whether it's turning the eastern most tip of the island into the hottest place to spend your summer, or staking out the territories of the Bahamas, and, more recently, Dubai; many just look to see what Jamie and his partner Jayma Cardosa are up to and follow suit accordingly. Goldbar has withstood the test of time in Manhattan, still managing to cater to an elite crowd of club goers, and, with the unvieling of the new Cain Luxe tonight, Jamie may be just the man needed to turn around a little block of street in Chelsea.  With flip flops on and South African accent in tow, the "Bru" gives me the scoop:

    Tell me about the new Cain Luxe.  Did you look at other locations? How did you settle on staying put (on 27th street)? Cain Luxe is a brand new concept.  Everything's been ripped out and we have installed a top of the line sound system that you won't find anywhere in the city.  Of course we looked at other venues, but this is such a great space.  It's over 5,000 square feet and this area is really going through a change.  With the new Highline going up, and no police coming around like usual.  I know that the top venues on the street are staying and the others will most likely leave.  Mark my words: 27th street is going to be hot again!

    Tell me more about the design of Cain Luxe. For us it was really important to put across subtle South African themes, but we wanted to add in high end finishes.  It's Paris meets African.  Think Mohair, Brass, decadent art deco.

    (Later on I got a tour where I was showed the large elephant tusks rising up the pillars, the round tables with brass rings wrapped around their frames, set to look like African neck dresses, and the red silk thread sheet that separates the perimeter from the center dance area.  The sound system is more than impressive, with wood beams installed between the concrete floor on bottom and the rich ebony floor that you will see as a guest.  The bass travels through the currents these beams create.  There will be 36 tables and an giant African Mural on the back wall.  Gold rope, mohair booths, and RED as in ox blood throughout.  The waitresses will be clad in custom outfits by Carolina Maik.  We are installing a giant African Mural on the back wall.)

    How was your summer?  What was it like having Surf Lodge open? What was the best part? It was an incredible summer.  The best part was having a proper restaurant out east, not just a night club.  It was refreshing not to do night life.  My favorite thing was hearing people, my guests tell me that this is what the Hamptons should be.

    What are your plans for Surf Lodge come winter? Surf Lodge will be open until the first of November, after which it will close until April.  (When Sam Talbot will return for Round Two, Jamie confirmed).

    Word on the street is Cain Luxe will be THE place to be Halloween night, with lots of celebs in attendance.  What are you going to be? I have no idea.  Every year I say I'm going to figure that out early and every year I'm scrambling to find my costume at the last minute.

    We can't wait to see Jamie, and the entire team tonight at Cain's opening.  Stay tuned for more from Mr. Mulholland.  He has many future plans in the works that we will be on top of as they materialize. Also, if you have any ideas for Jamie on what he should be for Halloween, put them in comments!

    [Inside The New Cain Luxe!]