Interview With Byrdie Bell, A Pisces With Style

by DOUGLAS MARSHALL · September 23, 2009

    Yesterday, we posted the first half of the joint interview I had with Derek Blasberg and Byrdie Bell. Today, it's time to hear what Byrdie had to say about fashion, being starstruck, and why trying too hard is the ultimate faux pas. Read what this die hard Pisces told us....


    I’ve seen you around and you are arguably one of the more fashionable people around town. What encompasses your style esthetic? What do you like to wear? I realized early on that when I try, that’s when the disasters start to happen. So really, just last minute works best for me.

    So Byrdie Bell does not try too hard? You said it; I didn’t say it. I think I just try too hard in other departments.

    Do you ever get starstruck? Hell yeah. I got starstruck last night when I saw Juliette Lewis. I LOVED her Viking outfit. I saw her but I didn’t have the balls to go up and say ‘I love you’.

    hmmm, what’s another question I can ask you? I’m a Pieces.

    What’s one trend everyone is wearing right now that you are not giving into? Oversized sunglasses.