Interview: Cameron Silver, The Founder And Owner Of Decades

by Allison Stephens · October 27, 2011

    We got the opportunity to interview Cameron Silver, the founder and owner of Decades at the NY pop-up event this past week. Decades is the go-to destination for glamorous vintage couture with boutiques located in Los Angeles and London. Read our full interview with Cameron Silver below:

    Tell me something about you that most people don’t know? I’m more of a nature lover. I might be very uptown & downtown but in reality I’m a little granola.

    Who are your favorite designers? Halston, Yves Saint Laurent, Rudi Gernreich. Those are three dead designers. Living, oh this gets very political but I would have to say I am excited about what Maria Grazia and Pier Paolo are doing at Valentino, and Jean Paul Gaultier.

    What is your favorite place to go when you don’t have to be anywhere? Home. [He says this with a cheeky grin.]

    What's the biggest risk you ever took? I would probably say starting Decades, but look at how much of a success it’s turned out to be.

    What is your favorite place in NYC? Café Carlyle, anything at the Café Carlyle.

    If money weren’t an object, what one piece of artwork would you want in your apartment? A large César compression sculpture.

    Who do you most respect in your field? I like Shannon a lot at New York Vintage, I think she’s great and has great taste.

    What would your superhero name be? Baby Cam Cam.

    One thing you can’t live without? My Blackberry right now, but as of tomorrow, my iPhone… I’m switching over.

    Visit the Decades website for more information at

    [Photo via LA Times]