Interview With Kara Ackerman, NYC Jewelry Designer Who's Breaking The Mold

by guestofaguest · March 20, 2009

    [All photos by DAVID X PRUTTING}

    Kara Ackerman has been designing jewelry since her teens as a hobby, selling in upscale shops in East Hampton.  After her career in television she has gone back to jewelry and has decided to make jewelry design her primary career with Kara Creations Ltd. She is now part of a unique crowd of NYC jewelry designers re-inventing an industry.

    You’re relatively new to our scene, why have you decided this is the time? The collection has been in the making for a while now and sold privately to my clientele. I wanted to share with the public a collection of jewelry that is excellent quality, affordable, and wearable by every woman who feels beautiful when wearing a piece of unique jewelry.

    Why/how did you start? I truly believe in having a career that you are passionate about, and wake up everyday looking forward to going to work. I started designing jewelry as a teenager which redeveloped into a life long passion. However it took several years of dissatisfaction in a different field to realize that my passion could also be my career. I took design classes at night and worked during the day one on one with clients, and slowly built a business on the side going to peoples home where I re-designed there jewelry. I built a business on trust, customer service, and a design aesthetic that was personalized for every client.

    What inspires you? My childhood by the beach inspired my first collection which consisted primarily of aquamarines in various colors, shapes and sizes, in everything from Necklaces to earrings. My travels to Italy and France and the various cities’ and their cultures have always been of great inspiration. I like to watch movies from the film noir period; I get great ideas from going to museums and art Exhibitions here and abroad. Of coursce anything fashion based from the great couture houses of the 60’s on up, fabrics and their patterns have always inspired me.

    Who is your ideal client? Any woman who appreciates beautiful wearable art that is fine tuned to meet her unique aesthetic. She’s a woman comfortable in her own skin.

    Where do I see my company going? I want every little girl asking for a Kara Ackerman “Gem Girl” charm! I would love for Kara Ackerman Designs’ piece becoming a must have…

    Who would I like to see my jewelry on? Everyone! Seriously though, Style is innate, any woman who enjoys beautiful jewelry that fits their lifestyle is a potential “Kara girl”. Women like Allegra Hicks, Carolina Herrera, Isla Fisher Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, and Kate Winslet really embody the brand’s ideal. Of course the most influential woman in my life is my stylish and beautiful mother Judie. Whenever I create a new piece, it is her I show first, and it his mother’s advice that has guided my sense of style and self.

    Describe your sense of style. My sense of style is “sensible midtown” with a dash of Classic uptown. Depending on the night, you may see me looking a bit like a sassy downtowner.

    What can we accept in the near future????? I have a lot on my plate at the moment! I’m now knee deep in the design and branding process for my upcoming Men’s line, KSA Designs for Men. I’m so happy with how everything is going at the moment that you really never know where the future will take my company…up of course.