Nestor Jazmani Dutan On Fashion, Taking Risks, And Why Luck Follows No One...

by guestofaguest · July 30, 2008

    nestor jazmani dutan Editor's Note: This came in our inbox.  And, you know what? I'm making it post worthy:

    Hello my name is L. L., its better if I initial my name. I am an up-and-coming fashion journalist and I would like to introduce myself with an article/interview. On Sunday afternoon I found myself with none other than Nestor Jazmani Dutan. As you know he is new in the scene, but just by talking to him, you can tell he will go far in this industry.

    L.L.- First, I have to ask, What are you Wearing? NJD- Lol Why does everybody ask me that first. Top- Vintage Kim Jones, Pants- Got it in some thrift shop in Queens, Shoes- SM on sale

    L.L.- What are you doing here at 6 N. St. in Williamsburg? NJD- Checking for new hot spots, such as new vintage shops, bars, restaurants, etc.

    L.L.- So what have you been up to since your exciting, coming out, may I say in the Industry, since the Spring ? NJD- Taking risks.

    L.L.- Explain ? NJD- Well many started to notice me when I worked in the fashion P. R. firm and assisting stylist work. I have taken a risk and gave them both up. I wanted to start my life, as a professional.

    L.L.- Well, did the risk pay off? NJD- Unfortunately , it didn’t., I am sill looking for employment, were I can start again.

    L.L.- You seem to be calm about it. Are you sure there is no secret project coming up for you? Any Maybes? NJD- Maybes, lots of maybes, possibly part-time work at another fashion P. R. firm, Possibly working with designer of the season, for his first fashion show, and possibly a reality show, to become another of those girls and boys. But I can’t talk about it, I sign a contract.

    L.L.- Well there you have it, they all are exciting. You don’t even need me to wish you luck, Luck follows you everywhere you go. NJD- Luck, luck follows no one. It’s all about working hard, and plus all I have is maybes. Come to think about it, that is all I need, and the Power of Positive.