Robin Williams Defends Steve Martin: "Boyz II Mensch"

by Ross Kenneth Urken · December 7, 2010

    Given all the flak and vitriol directed Steve Martin's way in light of his "boring" 92nd St. Y conversation, who knew Robin Williams was rounding up a defense squad? Eli Obus's video tells the story.

    Being a comedian comes with the burdensome expectation that you will be funny at all times--a perpetual jester and joke-cracker. But at last night's NYU's Tisch School of the Arts Gala, Robin Williams debunked this mindset, appreciating Martin's other more cerebral offerings. Williams, a comedian of Martin's generation who played Estragon to Martin's Vladimir in a 1988 production of Waiting for Godot,.created a name for a hypothetical group of comedians coming to Martin's rescue: "Boyz II Mench."