Speak, Mammary: 500th Performance Of Love, Loss and What I Wore

by Elizabeth Tam · January 17, 2011

    Love, Loss, and What I Wore celebrated its 500th performance this past Thursday. The signature cocktail created for the event, the “Love Loss Pink Slipper,” helped cast members dish on their own sartorial reminiscences.

    As they gathered at B. Smith and sipped this elixir comprised of champagne, triple sec and fruit juices, the current stars of this show's rotating cast, Alexis Bledel, Nikki Blonsky, Anita Gillette, Judy Gold, and Pauletta Washington, revealed they were tired of living vicariously through the series of monologues in the play about articles of clothing that spark certain memories.

    Speaking out of the earshot of the play's writers, Nora and Delia Ephron, Blonsky began to talk about her own relationship to her clothing.

    Blonsky immediately recalled the memory of one of her first gowns—her high school prom dress. The gown was a “gorgeous ivory white dress with gold,” she said, but admitted she had to lose 65 pounds to fit in it. Needless to say, a determined Blonsky worked hard and reached her goal to fit back into the dress.

    The most memorable part about her “lucky dress” was finding out the day before her prom that she had gotten her debut role in “Hairspray.” Prior to this, Blonsky did not wear many dresses and now, Blonsky smiled and said, “I have been wearing dresses ever since.”

    Surprisingly, Bledel and Gold had a different take on clothes as they both are not really into fashion and did not have any memorable pieces. In something of a departure from the characters she plays on stage, Biedel confessed that her stylist is the one behind many of her fabulous looks. Gold toned this nonchalance down an octave,  admitting that her role in this play has made her rethink her hatred of clothes and the memories involving clothes.

    What memories do your clothes bring? Any sartorial tales out there?...Let us know in the comment section.

    [Image via Just Jared]