"'Web Entrepreneur'" Would Be Almost An Understatement," Montel Williams Says Of Himself

by Ross Kenneth Urken · October 28, 2010

    Montel WilliamsDay time talk shows may have defined the 90's for Montel Williams, but when we caught up on the carpet at last night's GQ Gentlemen's Ball at The Edison Ballroom , he spoke about his web-savvy entrepreneurial inklings. Find out why it's not just family drama and transvestites anymore for Williams:

    Williams caught the entrepreneurial bug during his time on the poker circuit.

    "I've played a lot of poker. Back in 7/7/07, I was the chip leader in the World Series of Poker, the biggest field in the history of the World Series for a day."

    Williams and reflected on his Icarean descent.

    "I also suffered the first day curse, because I got bumped out."

    He philosophized a bit on his obsession with poker and how it led to his web involvements.

    "Poker is one of those things I bet my wife would wish that it wasn't one of my favorite things to do," he said, "but I spend a lot of time playing. And when I had an opportunity to look at a lot of on-line capabilities in this company that's called Poker Training Network has a paradigm that's different from anything else that's out there. So we've been involved and we're now restructuring and building. This is going to be a wonderful venture. We are getting ready to change it to the Poker Technical network."

    He's also impressed with the technical infrastructure of the site.

    "And it's a company that over the last three years, they've basically built their own engine for on-line gaming. So they don't have to license an international illegal gaming site."

    Does he view himself as a web entrepreneur?

    "Well, I think because of a lot of things that I'm doing on the web right now, I've got a lot of projects coming. And I think 'web entrepreneur' would be almost an understatement.I've got a pretty big presence and the presence is getting bigger."

    He wants to create the Montel Williams Network on the internet and impressed us with his growing web savoir-faire:

    "Right now I have a Tweet presence. I have a Facebook presence that I am on about three times a week, four times a week. And that presence is getting ready to build even bigger."

    The sky is not the limit for Williams; he knows there are footprints on the moon.