Is James Franco At The Peak Of His Career?

by Chiara Atik · January 19, 2010

    Can it get much better for James Franco? He hosted one of the best SNLs of the season, made waves with his stint on General Hospital, got to sleep with Liz Lemon on 30 Rock, and, (I can hardly believe I'm typing this) has an art show opening next month? So in the grand scheme of things, last night's movie premiere was no big deal...-

    The Alan Ginsberg biopic premiered last night at the Crosby Street Hotel. In the film, Franco portrays Ginsberg during the Obscenity Trial for his poem "Howl". Other attendees included Mischa Barton, Alicia Silverstone, Brooke Shields, Dan Abrams, John Cameron Mitchell, Heather Matarazzo, Victor Garber, Zachary Quinto, Jackie Astier, Daniel Benedict, and Agyness Deyn.

    This is Franco's second turn as a gay character in a major motion picture, leading many to speculate that the actor himself might be gay. I refuse to believe this. Some people say that he has a long-term girlfriend. I refused to believe this, too. Franco is heterosexual and single. And waiting for me. Clearly.

    After a year like this one, it's hard to imagine where else Franco's career can go; he's probably due for some sort of breakdown or scandal soon. He'll probably be bald and beating an SUV with an umbrella soon.

    So let's enjoy him while we can, shall we?

    Agyness Deyn, Andrew Saffir

    Michael Stipe, Brooke Shields

    Julie Henderson, Russell Simmons, Jessica White

    Dan Abrams, Victoria Cook, Floyd Abrams

    What? You want more James Franco? Oh, ok.

    Rob Epstein, James Franco, Jeffrey Friedman

    Daniel Benedict, Jackie Astier

    Mischa Barton, Nikki Lane               Rachel Roy

    Victor Garber, Jacob Troy, Rob Epstein, John Cameron Mitchell, Zachary Quinto, Jeffrey Friedman

    Christine Walker, Carolyn Murphy, Heather Matarazzo, Elizabeth Redleaf

    [All photos by Billy Farrell for PMc].