Justin Ross Lee Has A New Bromance Brewing And Much More...

by Rachelle Hruska · January 17, 2011

    Who else is concerned about what Justin Ross Lee did over the holidays? Before heading to his notorious FB page, I put in some guesses. Let's see, he probably used each night of Hanukkah as an excuse to party at places like 1Oak, did lunches uptown with Mama Lee, drinks with the Jew Crew, and first class flights down to Palm Beach for New Year's. And? Well, I pretty much nailed it..

    O.K., first, and this is SUPER important. JRL has a new Bromance brewing. Logan Byrnes is showing up all over the latest Facebook album (aptly dubbed "JEWvinile"). After a little digging, we find out the story on Logan. He's a Fox 61 morning news anchor that frequently hosts "The Talk of Connecticut." Logan, like JRL, is an only child who likes doing Triathlons, playing tennis, and spending time with his Husky Zoe. He's also a certified ski instructor. [Loganbyrnes.com]

    [Justin with Logan Byrnes]

    Drinks with Wayne Diamond at the Carlyle Hotel:

    The "Jew Crew" (look, it's Logan again!) at Rue:

    There were holiday parties to be hosted:

    [The Chai Light of 2010]

    And brunches to be toasted:

    [With the parents at Fred's]

    Lady Bunny deserved a holiday visit, but it was the "Jew jetting" off to grandma's house that really got JRL excited:

    All in all, I think it's fair to say that the holidays look great on JRL:

    ["Leveraged beverage" at the Box (!)]

    And apparently he's off on another worldly adventure in 2011:

    "JewJetting Week 2011 (updated) 10 cities < 7 days

    New York - Istanbul Istanbul - Frankfurt Frankfurt - Seoul Seoul - Taipei Taipei - Bangkok Bangkok - Hong Kong Hong Kong - Beijing Beijing - Tokyo Tokyo - Munich Munich - Frankfurt Frankfurt - Newark

    Distance traveled: 27,469 mi Earth's circumference: 24,901 mi

    Beginning January 21st. Globetrotting just got a little more Jewnoxious..."

    P.S. I seriously can not believe we missed this:

    JRL as a prize boxer? Stranger things have happened....