Last Night's Parties: Water For Elephants Premieres, Cultured New Yorkers Hit The Town

by Mara Siegler · April 18, 2011

    Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson created a fan meltdown outside of the Ziegfeld, "Wonderland" opened to  less than wonderful reviews, the ladies of ArtTable head to MoMa, Kim Cattrall hung out with Marina Abramovic, Francis Ford Coppola presented an award for the opera and more. High culture raised its glass and its pinky finger way in the air this weekend!

    FOX 2011 PICTURES Presents The Premiere of WATER FOR ELEPHANTS

    Where: Ziegfeld Theater

    Who Was There: Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon, Sara Gruen, Mark Povinelli, Nicole Murphy, Michael Strahan, Hal Holbrook, Francis Lawrence, Christoph Waltz, Gina Gershon, Julia Stiles, James Lipton

    Other Details: Reese Witherspoon and Robert "He's So Dreamy," Pattinson hit the red carpet for their new film about love, the recession, and the circus, to put it in the most simplified terms possible. RP's GF KStew showed up and snuck in the back door to avoid the fan insanity. Reese signed autographs and bullshitted to MTV: "I think it's incredible because as movie actors we sort of work isolated and we don't get to see fans as often, so it's a nice experience to actually get to meet some of them and know they're excited for the film."  She offered up minute details of her honeymoon and wedding and said kissing RPatz was gross, thus causing all Twihards to fucking hate her so much, OMG. Bitch. [Via]

    WONDERLAND Opening Night

    Where: Marquis Theatre

    Who Was There: Danny Flaherty, Darren Ritchie, Janet Dacal, Frank Wildhorn, Laura Osnes, Renee Marino, Karen Mason, Heather Parcells, Toni Busker, Morgan James

    Other Details: As Bono's Spider-Man Bloody Spider-Man put on its last performance before revamping to make it safe for humans, Wonderland opened. Alice is grown up, lives in Queens and is in a bad marriage. Not quite the fantastical, spectacular fantasy world we're used to seeing Alice in. The NYDN calls it "meandering." [Via]

    ARTTABLE 30th Anniversary Gala Benefit

    Where: MoMa

    Who Was There: Patricia Phelps de Cisneros, Agnes Gund, Alexander Galan, Linda Yablonsky, Alanna Heiss, Beatrice Johnson, Barbara Hoffman, Martha Wilson, Barbara Luderowski, Joyce Pomeroy Schwartz, Dakota Jackson

    Other Details: ArtTable's 30th Anniversary celebration profiled women's leadership by recognizing 30 influential women in various aspects of the field of visual arts and those who have had an impact beyond traditional studio practice. The event was part of a weekend of activities for the group whose incredibly picky membership standards have slightly lessened. [Via]

    BOMB Magazine 30th Anniversary Gala

    Where: Capitale

    Who Was There: Kim Cattrall, Marina Abramovic, Michael Stipe, Betsy Baker, Ellsworth Kelly, Ellen Phelan, Richard Armstrong, Jack Cowart, Dorothy Lichtenstein, Michael Lobel, Klaus Biesenbach, Shawn Wallace, Deborah Eisenberg

    Other Details: Guggenheim director Richard Armstrong, former Art in America Editor Elizabeth Baker, novelist Francine Prose, and performance artist Marina Abramovic were all honored at the event. Marina is apparently friends with Kim Catrall, telling Gatecrasher that she is a fan of SATC, which one of her performances was recreated on. ""I love her," she says of the real life Samantha. "She has style. She has humor. She's a good actress." [Via]

    "Through The Kitchen Party" to Benefit The Irvington Institute Fellowship Program of The Cancer Research Institute

    Where: The Four Seasons Restaurant

    Who Was There: Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Tony Bennett, Ray Kelly, Ronald Lauder, CeCe Cord, Cathie Black, Veronica Kelly, Lauren Veronis, Jo Carol Lauder, Adrianne Arch, Joanne De Guardiola, Joyce Brown, Marianna Kaufman, Lauren Veronis

    Other Details: The Cancer Research Institute hosted its annual “Through the Kitchen Dinner," at the Four Seasons Restaurant. DeJuan Stroud designed the decor and socialites were able to put on their aprons and get to cooking in the kitchen-themselves.  All funds support the Irvington Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship Program of the Cancer Research Institute.


    Where: Plaza Hotel

    Who Was There: Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, Jonas Kaufmann, Francis Ford Coppola, Carol Miller, Barbara Cook, Jonas Kaufmann, Riccardo Muti, Renata Scotto, Sir Andrew Davis

    Other Details: Barbara Cook presented the award to tenor Jonas Kaufmann; Francis Ford Coppola  presented to conductor Riccardo Muti; Renata Scotto presented to soprano Patricia Racette; Andrew Davis presented to Kiri Te Kanawa; and John Guare presented to bass-baritone Bryn Terfel. And if you are like me and recognized very few of those names, here are two that should be familiar: Stephanie Blythe and Broadway favorite Patti LuPone co-hosted.

    ALL CITY Curated By Anne Huntington and Natalie Trainor

    Where: 435 Broome St

    Who Was There: Anne Huntington, Natalie Trainor, Anne Grauso, David Victor Rose, Eric Shiner, Paul Richert-Garcia, Jason Shelowitz, Joseph Grazi, Jacob, Abramson, Elizabeth Kurpis, Emilie Grimaldi, Julie Ragolia, DJ Johnny Rocks, Gigi Bio

    Other Details: The All City exhibit focuses on  the graffiti scene from the 1970s & 1980s to today. It includes ontemporary and urban art, photography, hip hop, components from BMX, skateboarding, and surf cultures that speak volumes to the street and art communities.


    Where: Domingo Zapata's Studio

    Who Was There: Domingo Zapata,  Michael Klug, Katy Donoghue, Kacey Librizzi, Paz de la Huerta, Nemo Librizzi, Diana Sillaots, Marta Plskova, Polleen Murray, Diana Sillaots, Amanda Brown, Dina Gurevich, Amy McCulloch

    Other Details: Whitewall Magazine, a contemporary independent art and luxury lifestyle magazine, hosted a gallery show on Lafayette and Spring St. for artist Domingo Zapata, a figurative and abstract expressionist who combines paint, text, and collage in his works. Paz de la Huerta, whose most recent work includes punching Samantha Swetra in the face, refrained from attacking anyone. Don't forget to check out more photos HERE!

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