Lydia Hearst Quits Page Six Magazine After Dispute Over Article

by Rachelle Hruska · October 27, 2008

    Lydia Hearst is not happy.  Understandably.  Page Six Magazine, the publication SHE writes for in "The Hearst Chronicles" posted an article in its October 24th issue that was complete BS according to the heiress/supermodel.  She subsequently quit.  Team Lydia!  Her email to the Post follows:

    "As a result of the article titled "Blood Dispute" in the October 24th issue of Page Six, I am compelled to resign from my position as Freelance Journalist for Page Six Magazine.

    I did not, and would not, write such an article as the one to appear as my Page Six magazine column in this Sunday's Post.

    To avoid hard feelings and break clean, I expect you to put my resignation, and my reason for it, in Page Six (newspaper) at the same time to coincide with the Sunday magazine column.

    I can no longer continue my association as a journalist.


    Lydia Hearst"