Wintuk, Couture, A Concert, And A Welcome For Leven - A Night Out With Scott

by SCOTT BUCCHEIT · November 14, 2008

    Brianna Swanson

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    We began our night at the Cirque de Soleil's show Wintuk. We've seen a lot of their shows, including ones in Vegas, so you don't expect a lot of coherence, just entertainment.  This one had something to do with a boy trying to find snow for his village and featured freaky singing lamp-posts.  We realized something though.  We actually enjoy the shows much more when the cast is half naked.  Seeing as this was winter themed, we didn't get to see much flesh.  Funniest thing we saw all night?  As we were entering MSG a bunch of the performers standing outside smoking cigarettes.  Well, they are French right?  Well at least French Canadian.

    [Leven Rambin's Welcome Home Party]

    Naeem Delbridge

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    Naeem DelbridgeWe then headed over to the Plaza Hotel for the Maggie Norris Couture and Aman and Carson Tableau Exhibition.  Wow that's a mouthful.  The crowd was a bit older and stuffier then we're used to, but we made the best of it.  Chatted with Devorah Rose and Melissa Berkelhammer. Got shot by PMC, had a champer and we're on our way.

    Our next stop was the Morrison Galleries downtown for the Django Stewart and the Midnight Squires show.  We were invited by our buddy Ally Hilfiger and met up with our friends Sloan Angell and Elizabeth Bearre.  As much as we love a good rock concert, the space got a little too warm too fast and combined with the wet clothes, things started to get steamy, and not in a good way.  We headed over to Gemma for a bit and a drink before the main event.  Our final stop for the night was the Eldridge "Welcome Home Leven" Party.

    As you know, our girl Leven went all Hollywood and made it big.  She's now starring on the Sarah Connor Chronicles and is doing an amazing job.  She's in town for a week and all of her friends were there to share the evening.  Those in attendance included: Constantin Maroulis, Z-100's Phill Kross, Ally Hilfiger, Quddus Phillip, Timo Weiland, Chris Brady, Neda Verbanova, Mary Rambin, Rachelle Hruska, Mike Dunn, Shawn McDonald, Tara Church, Ariana Ornelas, Derek Frears, Liam McMullan, Jason Lawrence, Paul Johnson Calderone, Kristian Laliberte and many many more.....

    David Chines, Devorah Rose David Chines and Devorah Rose

    Leven Rambin Leven Rambin

    Maggie Norris and Models

    Melissa Berkelhammer, Naeem Delbridge Naeem, Melissa Berkelhammer, and friend

    Scott Buccheit Scott Buccheit