Anti-Poptarts Unite!

by CLAIRE WILLETT · April 22, 2008

    othermusic.JPG [Image via other music]

    Our younger brothers were visiting yesterday and, wanting to impress their (somewhat warranted) music-snob tastes, we schlepped them over to Other Music. If you haven't been, and still like buying tunes in a 3D format, you really should go-they have an outstanding emerging artist section, filled with loads of shout-outs to NY natives. But anyways, we're doubly glad we went this time because, in addition to amassing plenty of compilation fodder, we learned that Antipop Consortium will be playing a free in-store show today at 8.

    We're not always the staunchest of experimental electronic hip-hop fans, but this group pulls it off. AC originated at a poetry slam, and their lyrics stay true to slam's tumbling, anecdotal style: waited like dust caps on five watts/ tapeworm recorder, a border, gazzelle, gordon cattrell/ watch the top granola get rude like junk food, raps Beans on the creepy/crazy Ghostlawns. When they're on, they come off like A Tribe Called Quest mixed with The Coup on acid, full of jittery blips and spooky beeps and other bizarre, horror-moviesque acoustics. If you've yet to make plans, go check them out. We can't promise they'll be good, but we're sure they won't be boring. Antipop Consortium plays at 8pmOther Music, 15 E. 4th St