ATP New York 2009 Concert: All Of Tomorrow's Parties Happening In One Weekend

by KENDRA SEAY · September 18, 2009

    All Tomorrow's Parties (ATP) hosted their New York 2009 concert cramming a line up of bands into a no-fuss weekend of partying for hundreds of indie music-loving New Yorkers who turned it into the kind of event you either wish every music festival was just like, or into your idea of a hipster-crowded nightmare. However, there's no denying the festival set itself apart from the rest, highlighting genre-bending musicians while aiming to keep their "stay intimate, non-corporate, and fan-friendly" motto alive. Which means no obnoxious sponsor billboards, no VIP suites, and no party-crashing security, just a large crowd of uber-cool kids who fled Williamsburg and the Lower East Side for a three day music festival in Monticello, New York last weekend.

    Concert-goers attending the festival hosted by ATP (a London-based organization that has been promoting festivals and concerts internationally for over 10 years) were met with an eclectic line up including the soothing acoustic talent of Iron & Wine, the skewed sounds of Animal Collective, electro beats by Crystal Castles, and many, many others. The musical talent was accompanied by a few comedians, an occasional movie screening or two, and random activities including the likes of ping-pong, cosmetic tables, massage stations, a playground, and Flaming Lips lead singer, Mark Coyne rolling around in a giant plastic bubble...

    [Photos by Cobrasnake]