BLEECH Has Their First Performance In USA, And Talks With Us

by Allison Stephens · October 19, 2011

    BLEECH had their first performance in the US last night and they rocked! I got the pleasure of meeting with Jen & Katherine O’Neil, and Mat Brick last night at the Nylon and Kangol x Aerial7 launch party. Check out my interview with BLEECH below:

    How did you meet each other?

    “We were neighbors and went to high school together, nothing too crazy. We have been together for 4 years now. We didn’t go to a University or anything, we just did music, I guess you could say the University of life.”

    What inspires your music?

    “Things that happen around us, things constantly changing. We will probably have something after this trip. It’s our first trip to New York!”

    Any future plans/ upcoming releases/ tour dates?

    “Well we just released our latest EP ‘Deadhead’ (Can be found on all major online outlets including iTunes.) and finished up our UK tour. We are really looking forward to next year and touring all over Europe. Hopefully we will have more gigs within in the US next year too.”

    Lastly for the fans, are you guys single?

    "No, but ha I guess like John Lennon we are supposed to say yes?!"

    Check out their music here: