Bombay Sapphire & Vibe Magazine Present Ashanti's "The Declaration."

by Rachelle Hruska · June 5, 2008

    The Bombay Sapphire & Vibe Magazine Present Ashanti's "The Declaration" A Listening Party held at The W Hotel (West Street)

    When you're as hot as Ashanti, you get to do things like wear Versace to your party and watch as your fans feast on cupcakes with your mug on top. Scott and Naeem had quite the experience last night, where Ashanti was just one of their stops on their never ending take-over-Manhattan train (don't you wish you could just hop on for a ride for even just ONE night?) Thanks to them we have these pictures to share with you of the stunning "declaration"?: Ashanti has NEVER looked better, in the flesh or as the top of a confectionist's creation, she is as sweet in person as I'm sure she tasted.

    Photos below: