Delights By The River-to-River

by guestofaguest · June 2, 2008

     [Image via River to River Festival]

    The River to River Festival is hardly a secret anymore—and if it ever was, it was only because no one was paying attention. Nevertheless, its plethora of fantastic music and dance offerings, along with occasional film screenings and valuable urban treks like a tour of the fabulous Skyscraper Museum, can be tough to navigate for the veritable "find." For those in the know, the Festival has earned a reputation in the past few years as a place to catch musical acts before they hit it big—witness Hot Chip's performance in 2006. This year promises to be no different with the June 24 appearance of German electronic artist Ulrich Schnauss. Schnauss plays the kind of plush, dreamy electronica that fans of Sigur Ros, Explosions in the Sky or Mogwai adore, despite their general aversion to other electronic acts. Schnauss' latest album, Goodbye, finds the same simple yet beguiling melodies that characterized his first two efforts, plus guitar riffs reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine that promise an even wider appeal. Sure to be a delight, this is not to be missed amidst the city's fine summer offerings. Sample his sounds at

    -Written by Micah Trippe