Drake Pays The Price For Idiot Fans, Again

by BILLY GRAY · July 9, 2010

    The Drakegate fallout continues. ABC has reportedly canceled plans for a Good Morning America concert with rap's brightest young thing. When will Drake finally land on his feet and actually perform a full live set in this town?

    Drake's problems stem from the melee that erupted during a free concert at the South Street Seaport last month. The breakout Canadian star hadn't even gone onstage before a crowd of very un-Canadian fans led to the gig's cancellation by turning violent and converting Pier 17's Pizzeria Uno into their own personal jungle gym. Brotherly trio Hanson shared the bill, which may or may not have caused the unrest.

    Collateral damage already includes earthy folk songstress Ke&ha, whose free show down by the river (courtesy or Paper) was promptly nixed. But now Drake is taking his licks, even if the GMA performance hadn't been confirmed and wouldn't do much to boost the street cred of a rapper whose authenticity has already been questioned. Also, who knows what would happen to midtown if the lines for Drake's kaffeklatsch approached those for Lady's Gaga's Today Show appearance this morning?

    At the moment, plans for a Radio City concert on September 29th have not been scrapped. And if there's any venue that could sedate normally rowdy fans and restore an artist's respectability, Radio City is the one. At least there's no Uno's in sight.