First Radiohead, Now Jamiroquai and Oasis

by guestofaguest · October 9, 2007


    [Source: Getty Images]

    Our morning just got a little bit brighter. Last week we posted on how Radiohead is allowing fans to determine what price they will pay for their new album In Rainbows. Well sure enough, it looks like their experiment looks to be a success and other top bands that are out of contract including Jamiroquai and Oasis are looking to follow suit.

    As faithful reader Ha Ha Sound astutely pointed out, most rock bands make all of their money touring (its the record labels that make money on CDs), so album sales to them are fairly irrelevant. Perhaps most astonishing, however, is that fans seem to be more than willing to pay up for "free" albums by bands they love. I suppose in some respect this should come as no surprise because if you make quality work, people want to support you. When the corporate types get involved and try to stuff garbage down people's throats, that's when everyone wants to go download music for free.

    Nonetheless, hopefully this means a major tour with Liam and Noel Gallagher, which means massive fights and brawls between the two of them. Yes, we can't wait!